The Ultimate Marketing Challenge- An Online Simulation

In Collaboration with Academy of Indian Marketing (AIM), Marketplace Simulations (USA) and Art of Learning

An interactive and exciting business simulation game that is bound to get your creative juices running and keep you on your tips!

Marketplace Simulations are business strategy simulations designed and developed by Innovative Learning Solutions Inc. to give students a mock exposure to the real-life implementation of their theoretical business concepts.

In this competition, you’ll start up a new marketing division for a large, international company and launch a revolutionary new product line. You’ll manage the company’s following aspects:

Marketing department, analyse potential markets, choose target segments, develop new products, set prices, Media Placement and Sales Force Management, Work to earn customer loyalty and great profits, Strategic Planning and Management, Balance Score Card and Tactical Integration


Benefits to participants:

1.Developing skills critical to succeed in today’s business world.

2.Developing an understanding of business decisions by letting the participants apply business concepts in a competitive and risk-free environment.

3.Placing emphasis on functional integration at the strategic and tactical levels.

4.Stimulation of creative thinking and enhancing interpersonal relationships via leadership and teamwork.

Years of teaching experience in business and marketing, combined with the expertise of content experts in various areas of education have helped create these interactive and visually engaging business games. Prof. S. Jaykar, Delhi School of Economics, Dr. Bindu Aggarwal, Dr. Ernest Cadotte, Fisher Professor of Marketing at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville will be the business consultants for the simulation.


For more info/ any query contact:

Ishika Jain- 7701953731

Priya Makkar- 8447006218


15 - 18 Oct


10:00 am - 6:00 pm


INR 1000